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Here's a list of questions we get asked a lot by our users.

How does the algorithm find unused stuff?

Our algorithm checks native CloudWatch Metrics (CPU, Network, ...) to spot unused stuff over the last while. For example, It looks at whether EBS Volumes and Elastic IPs are being attached. With RDS, we are looking last connection date. For Snapshots, it checks if they're over 90 days old. For IAM, it looks at when was the last time something happened.

How do we keep things secure?

Security is key for us. We keep your data safe by encrypting it when it's sent or stored. We follow the Least Privilege Principle, using a read-only IAM Role. We also use AWS GuardDuty, CloudTrail, and AWS Config for extra safety. Our API is protected against too many requests and only lets authorized users in. We only see your metadata and metrics, not your private or business info.

Can I add lots of AWS Accounts?

Yes, you can add as many AWS accounts as you like. Our pricing depends on how many AWS assets we check in the last 30 days, not on the number of accounts.

What's the billing deviator feature?

This tool helps you notice any surge between scans so you can keep an eye on your AWS spending.

How do we count the assets we check?

We look at all the AWS assets in your account to find any that aren't being used. We add up everything we scan over 30 days.

What happens in the Onboarding Session?

Our paid plans include a session to help your DevOps team get set up. We'll make sure you can connect to our product and set up the IAM Role across your AWS Organization. We'll also start looking for ways to save you money with tailored advices.

What's FinOps Consulting included?

With the Enterprise Plan, you get regular FinOps consulting sessions (up to 6 yearly) with one of our FinOps expert. We'll work with you to find ways to save money, get rid of stuff you don't use, keep your AWS accounts tidy, and cut down on your AWS bills.