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💸 Introduction to

🧠 Purpose

Welcome to – a comprehensive waste and cost awareness platform tailored for operational teams managing AWS environments. Our platform is designed to bring clarity and control to your cloud spending, delivering essential insights directly to your team's workflow.

😱 Problem to solve

Challenge in Cloud Cost Management

In the dynamic world of AWS, it's easy for resources to go underutilized or completely unused, leading to unnecessary spending. CTOs and operational teams often struggle with visibility into these wasteful expenditures, hindering their ability to manage costs effectively.

✅ How we solve it?

📣 Cost and Waste Awareness addresses this challenge by providing detailed insights into your AWS usage. We identify and highlight areas of waste, such as idle resources or underutilized services. This enables teams to make informed decisions and take timely action to optimize their cloud environment.

📋 Scheduled Reports

We deliver reports through your preferred channels - be it email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams. This ensures that you stay informed and proactive in your cost management strategy before get hit by end-of-month Cloud bills.

🌟 Value Proposition

Empowering Teams with Actionable Insights

With, CTOs, and operational teams gain a powerful ally in their AWS cost management efforts. Our platform:

  1. Enhances visibility into AWS spending, forecasting and drift
  2. Identifies waste and unused assets seamlessly.
  3. Provides actionable recommendations for cost optimization.

💚 Result: Optimized Costs, Efficient Operations and Reduced Attack Surface.

By leveraging, you can significantly contain AWS spending, ensuring that your cloud investments are both efficient and effective.