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EC2 Instances

EC2 Instances in Amazon Web Services can become a significant source of waste, particularly when they are underutilized.

We identify this waste through a detection algorithm that relies on specific CloudWatch metrics.

These metrics can include low CPU utilization,minimal network activity, and other indicators of underuse.

By regularly monitoring and evaluating EC2 Instances against these metrics, you can identify and terminate instances that are not contributing effectively to your operations.

This proactive approach not only optimizes resource allocation but also leads to more cost-effective management of your AWS environment.

EC2 Dedicated Hosts

EC2 Dedicated Hosts in Amazon Web Services represent a substantial cost risk, particularly when they are idle without any instances running on them.

By actively monitoring and assessing EC2 Dedicated Hosts for signs of non-use, you can make informed decisions to release these hosts and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Adopting this vigilant approach ensures more efficient use of resources and promotes cost savings within your AWS environment.